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It's such a pleasure to work with Co-op Solutions. Not only do you keep track of our co-op balances for us. You help us find the fastest, easiest, most appropriate and most effective use for our co-op dollars. And you are able to stay cheerful and keep a sense of humor at the same time! Thanks again for all your help. You are a dream!

Mary Gleysteen, Eagle Harbor Book Company

Wild Rumpus has been using Co-op Solutions since 2002. Since then, our usage of available co-op opportunities has quadrupled! Mind you, this is co-op that would have gone unclaimed if it had been my responsibility. Co-op Solutions keeps up to date on all of the current publisher co-op policies, my sales rep contacts and the amount of co-op left per publisher. They crack a mighty whip when it comes to maximizing the use of our bonus co-op and makes sure that we understand the deadlines. Does this make it sound like Wild Rumpus is made up of slackers with little attention to detail and less attention to policies and rules? Yup. That's exactly why we need this service. Co-op Solutions is a godsend!

Collette Morgan, Wild Rumpus

Co-op Solutions has been an invaluable tool for The Book Bin. As a result, we are able to be a larger supporter of community programs and events. We have the ability to take advantage of all the publishers' advertising reimbursements. And we know which books and publishers to focus on based on lists provided for us. It's so nice to have the information we need all in one place!

Allison Mengarelli, The Book Bin

One my of favorite things about working with Co-op Solutions is opening our publisher statements and seeing one credit after another posted at the top. We've been in business for over 45 years and hiring Co-op Solutions is the best thing we've done since switching to a computerized inventory system.

Bob Hugo, Hugo Books Inc.

Co-op Solutions' services helped so much this past year. We ordered a lot more books direct from the publishers because of it. And sold more books due to the increased marketing. I really can't imagine not using this service.

Debbie Cohn, The Bookcase

Co-op is always there haunting you... like The New Yorker. After 6 years of struggling with co-op, we’re giving up and going with Co-op Solutions. I can already feel the monkey off our back. You've made my day!

Robert Utter, Other Tiger

Because of Co-op Solutions, each year we are able to capture multiple times the amount of publisher co-op that we would be able to get on our own. Co-op Solutions takes care of all of our paperwork and notifies us of any new co-op opportunities that are available. We have worked with Co-op Solutions for over four years and every year our co-op dollars have increased. Co-op Solutions makes the cumbersome and confusing world of co-op manageable.

Jon Lee, River City Books

It's beautiful. I wish you had been doing this 20 years ago.

David Unowsky, Ruminator Books

Your services are invaluable.

Pat Grose, Scholastic Inc.

Tracy Adams provided a thorough introduction and overview in her 2 hour workshop called Co-op Management Demystified. Co-op is complex at best and Tracy is the perfect person to explain it, given her professional experience as a publisher sales rep. She has developed a program of tools and training to make tracking and using co-op really work for independent bookstores. Our booksellers were impressed with Tracy's clear presentation as well as her informed responses to their questions.

Susan Walker, Midwest Booksellers Association